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Please help me honor Mer's memory

Scott Farrell

Scott Farrell

I struggled about what to write here, to inspire people about the need to donate to support HODS, the Halachic Organ Donor Society, and to do so, in Meredith's honor and memory. Then I figured that the best person to describe HODS, and Mer's feelings, would be Meredith herself. Here is an excerpt from the last HODS 5K Fun Race that Meredith was able to participate in (albeit virtually, as she was still in Pittsburgh, at that point post-lung transplant, and pre-bone marrow transplant):

"As many of you know, I am very passionate about organ transplant and strongly encourage everyone to sign up to be an organ donor. I grew up believing mistakenly that Jews couldn’t donate their organs within Jewish law and custom but I was wrong.

The Halachic Organ Donor Society (HODS) spends every day educating the public about how Jewish law *does* permit and actually encourages organ donation. It’s such an important and necessary organization and I’m proud to support it. HODS is holding its annual 5K fundraising walkathon and I have signed up to be a virtual walker; I can’t be in NY for the walk but I will be walking my hallway day-of in solidarity. I would greatly appreciate if you would consider sponsoring me in this walk; any amount could benefit this incredibly worthy charity."

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Please consider donating to this worthy cause, and check out the videos I've listed below:
(Meredith Needs Lungs)

[Still looking for Mer's thank you video to the runners/walkers of prior 5Ks]

Thanks for your consideration,



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Thank you to our new donors Thursday night/Friday. As promised, I am matching your donations! Go Mer Friends of Meredith!
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